Highlights from PPS and Publicis’ Small Busi …

Small Business Owners and Enterupures Share Advice for Those Who Are Just Starting Out: 

“Focus and Find Your Niche”  

Azin Shamma is the Founder and CEO of Little Tiger NYC, a New York-based creative services studio and post-production company that specializes in broadcast motion graphics design, outdoor advertising, print campaigns, and mixed-media web identities.

“It’s harder than you think it’s going to be”

Michael Duggal is the CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions Inc., a company that has been designing and producing unique, custom, high volume, oversized and complex visuals for the last 50 years. 

“Just go for your dreams, work really hard on it, keep setting goals”

Katherine Vanderbush is a Partner and East Coast Sales Rep for Brooklyn Outdoor, a brand, and advertising strategy agency that specializes in digital signage, creative services, event production and more. 

On the behalf of PPS and Publicis, we’d like to thank the following businesses for sharing their stories with us: 

Amber Music

Personal Music

Fancy Pants Group

Famous Frames

Duggal Visional Solutions Inc. 

Little Tigar NYC

Brooklyn Outdoor

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